Helmet Heroes Race Car Driver

Race Car Helmet Hero Toy

Let your preschooler become a Helmet Hero as he role plays being a race car driver in the big race. The Helmet Hero toy includes a helmet with a flashing light and a hand-held steering wheel. The Helmet Heroes steering wheel has buttons to control the action and pretend you're driving a real race car.

Part of the Helmet Heroes toy line from Playskool, which also includes a Helmet Heroes police officer, the two-piece Helmet Heroes race car toy sends preschoolers on exciting racing adventures as they follow one of 30 race action sequences, or kids can create their own racing role play fun with the lights, sounds, and microphone features.

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Helmet Heroes Race Car Driver Adventures

The race car driver Helmet Hero includes 30 mission sequences to inspire your child's imagination. Push a button to hear action phrases like "Come on in for a pit stop!" or "Easy on that corner!" Imagine the fun for your preschooler as he runs around in his helmet, screeching around corners as he talks to his pit crew in the microphone. Lots of children love fast race cars, and they'll love pretending with the race car driver Helmet Hero toy.

Helmet Hero Toy by Playskool

The Playskool Helmet Hero toys let kids roleplay as a race car driver or policeman, encouraging them to get up and run around and use their imaginations as they make up their own adventures. The racecar helmet toy has flashing lights, a flip-up visor, and cool racing decals. The steering wheel has buttons to control the racing and revving sounds and the helmet lights.

Adventure Squad Toys Features

The Helmet Heroes Adventure Squad toys are made for preschoolers age 3 and up. The adjustable helmet uses 3 AA batteries and the steering wheel uses 2 AA batteries (all included). The racing helmet has a realistic flip-up visor and a microphone that actually amplifies your child's voice as he plays.